Wednesday, August 20, 2014

News & New Releases

Now available:

The Many Tortures of Anthony Cardno, a charity anthology to help raise money for the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life, which focuses on providing support to cancer patients and their loved ones. This anthology contains my story Scarred, along with work by Mary Robinette Kowal, the late Jay Lake, Kaaron Warren, and others.

Violet carved her hate into her flesh one name at a time.

Her skin was riddled with scars, some barely visible, others dark and ruddy. The oldest, the first name, was on her right ankle, above the knobby bone. It revealed a halting progress, with many gaps in between the lines and curves.

He suffered for a long time.

A is for Apocalypse, edited by Rhonda Parrish. This anthology includes my story U is for Umbrella along with stories by Beth Cato, Alexandra Seidel, Kenneth Schneyer, and others.

I can’t stop watching the clock.

It’s stupid, I know. Nothing’s going to happen tonight, but still I find my eyes drawn to the clock again and again. I’m trying to keep a brave face for Millie, trying to pretend everything is fine and normal, but she knows something is wrong. She may only be five, but she’s far from stupid.

Does it make me cruel, does it make me a bad mother, to want to make these last weeks for Millie something close to normal? Something peaceful?

And you can pre-order The Best of Electric Velocipede, edited by John Klima, which contains my story Glass Boxes and Clockwork Gods, along with fiction by Catherynne M. Valente, Rachel Swirsky, E. Lily Yu, Aliette de Bodard, Ken Liu, and many others.

When the one in red gives up and screams, no one makes a sound. We turn our faces away or rest our foreheads against the glass and wait. It won't take long. Big is quick with the remaking. In between the screams, sharp snaps punctuate the air with exclamation points of splintered bone and leaking marrow.

We all try not to scream. We all fail in the end.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Not Our Kind Anthology

I'm thrilled that my short story, All the Pretty Cages, has been accepted by Nayad Monroe for Not Our Kind, an anthology of original speculative fiction stories about conflict between cultures, to be published by Alliteration Ink. Nayad Monroe also edited What Fates Impose, released last year, which included my story When the Lady Speaks.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Genius Loci Anthology

I'm absolutely thrilled that my story In the Water, Underneath will appear in Jaym Gates' Genius Loci anthology, to be published by Ragnarok Publications, alongside authors such as Cat Rambo, Ken Liu, Seanan McGuire, Gemma Files, and so many others.

The full Table of Contents:

Santa Cruz by Andy Duncan
And the Trees Were Happy by Scott Edelman
Blackthorn by B. Morris Allen
Ouroboros in Orbit by Jason Batt
Reef by Kathleen Miller
Scab Land by Wendy Wagner
The Forgetting Field by Caroline Ratajski
The Town the Forest Ate by Haralambi Markov
Imperator Noster by Sonya Taaffe
The Other Shore by Rebecca Campbell
The South China Sea by Jora Trang
Iron Feliks by Anatoly Belilovsky
Forest For the Trees by Steven Long
Drowning Again by Ken Scholes and Katie McCord
The Grudge by Thoraiya Dyer
Twilight State by Gemma Files
Coaltown by Heather Clitheroe
In the Water, Underneath by Damien Angelica Walters
Afterparty by Chaz Brenchly
Gramadevi by Sunil Patel
Blue & Grey and Black & Green by Alethea Kontis
Heartbeat by Laura Anne Gilman
Long Way Down by Seanan McGuire
The Snow Train by Ken Liu
The City by Vivienne Pustell
The Night Chicago Died by James Lowder
Threadbare Magician by Cat Rambo
Serenity Eternal by Steven Silver
Beer and Pennies by Rich Dansky
The Sleck by Keris MacDonald
Transplant Specialist by Sarah Goslee
Cactus Flowers and Bone Flutes by Mercedes M. Yardley

Monday, July 7, 2014

Short Story Sale - Apex Magazine

I'm excited to announce that I've sold a short story to Sigrid Ellis at Apex Magazine. Requiem, for Solo Cello will be published sometime in early 2015, and this story will mark my second appearance in the magazine.

Here is part of the inspiration for the story: Mischa Maisky performing Bach's Cello Suite No.1 in G.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Streets of Shadows Anthology

I'm thrilled that my short story Such Faces We Wear, Such Masks We Hide has been accepted into the urban fantasy/crime noir anthology Streets of Shadows, edited by Maurice Broaddus and Jerry Gordon, to be published in September by Alliteration Ink.

Table of Contents: 

What I Am – Tom Piccirilli
A Game of Cards – A.C. Wise
Shooting Aphrodite – Gary Kloster
Santa Muerte – Lucy Snyder and Dan Robichaud
Morrigan’s Girls – Gerard Brennan
Such Faces We Wear, Such Masks We Hide – Damien Angelica Walters
The Man Who Has Been Killing Kittens – Douglas F. Warrick
The Large Man – Paul Tremblay
Unfilial Child – Laurie Tom
Street Worm – Nisi Shawl
Der Kommissar’s In Town – Nick Mamatas
The Shadow People – Brandon Massey
Hand Fast – Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Beware of Dog – Kevin J. Anderson
Stay: A Tale of the Spellmason Chronicles – Anton Strout
God Needs Not the Future – Jason Sizemore
Relics – Tim Lebbon
Cold Fear – Lucien Soulban
In Vino Veritas – Tim Waggoner and Michael West
Best Served Cold – Seanan McGuire
Toby’s Closet – Jonathan Maberry

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Charity Anthology - The Many Tortures of Anthony Cardno

My story Scarred, which originally appeared in Fireside Magazine in 2012, will be appearing in the charity anthology The Many Tortures of Anthony Cardno, to help raise money for the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life, which focuses on providing support to cancer patients and their loved ones.

The Table of Contents:
Foreword: I’m NOT A Nice Guy! by Anthony R. Cardno
Introduction: Who IS Anthony Cardno? by Brian White
Temperance by Christie Yant
Anthony Takes The Stairs by Eric S. Bauman
The Antics of Anton Ardno (A Todd Gleason Crime Story) by Joseph Pittman
I Have A Question by Neal Bailey
The Bar at The End of the World by Sabrina Vourvoulias
With A Flick of the Wrist by Michelle Moklebust
Scarred by Damien Angelica Walters
The Hand of God (A Davi Rhii story) by Bryan Thomas Schmidt
The Old Suit by Bear Weiter
The Optimist by Kaaron Warren
The Story Teller by Dennis R. Miller
The White Phoenix Feather: a tale of cuisine and ninjas by Mary Robinette Kowal
The Ballad of Anthony Cardno by Barry Mangione and the Musical Geniuses
Why, Anthony, Why by Frank Dixon
When The Waters Recede… by Day Al-Mohamed
The Chase by Jen Ryan
Three on a Match by Steve Berman
Brutal and Simple by Adam P. Knave
The Zombie Shortage by David Lee Summers
With Dust Their Glittering Towers: A Fly-Leaves Story by Christopher Paul Carey
Canopus by Anthony R. Cardno
Cold Statues by Jay Lake

Monday, June 16, 2014

The Best of Electric Velocipede

I'm very pleased to announce that my story Glass Boxes and Clockwork Gods from EV Issue 25 will appear in The Best of Electric Velocipede, coming this fall from Fairwood Press. The anthology will premiere at the 2014 World Fantasy convention in Washington, D.C. 

There are so many amazing authors in the anthology; I'm honored to be included in the lineup.

Table of Contents:

Fling but a Stone by Mark Rich (issue 2)
Mrs. Janokowski Hits One Out of the Park by William Shunn (issue 4)
A Keeper by Alan DeNiro (issue 6)
Indicating the Awakening of Persons Buried Alive by Liz Williams (issue 6)
In the Frozen City by Chris Roberson (issue 7)
The Spigot by Heather Martin (issue 8)
The Chiaroscurist by Hal Duncan (issue 9)
A Taste for Flowers by Jay Caselberg (issue 9)
The Way He Does It by Jeffrey Ford (issue 10)
Milk and Apples by Catherynne M. Valente (issue 11)
Dr. Black and the Village of Stones by Brendan Connell (issue 12)
How the World Became Quiet: A Post-Human Creation Myth by Rachel Swirsky (issue 13)
The Dogrog Phenomenom by Richard Howard (issue 13)
Recipe for Survival by Sandra McDonald (issue 14)
Notes on the Dissection of an Imaginary Beetle by Jonathan Wood (issue 15/16)
The Oldest Man on Earth by Patrick O’Leary (issue 15/16)
Wool and Silk and Wood by Shira Lipkin (issue 15/16)
The Bear Dresser’s Secret by Richard Bowes (issue 17/18)
The Death of Sugar Daddy by Toiya Kirsten Finley (issue 17/18)
When the Lamps Are Lit by KJ Bishop (issue 19)
The Lost Technique of Blackmail by Mark Teppo (issue 19)
Daughter of Fortune by Cyril Simsa (issue 20)
∞° by Darin C. Bradley (issue 21/22)
Patience by E. Lily Yu (issue 21/22)
The Art Disease by Dennis Danvers (issue 23)
Heaven Under Earth by Aliette de Bodard (issue 24)
Cutting by Ken Liu (issue 24)
Glass Boxes and Clockwork Gods by Damien Walters Grintalis (issue 25)
A Faun’s Lament by Michael Constantine McConnell (issue 25)
The Night We Drank Cold Wine by Megan Kurashige (issue 25)
The Irish Astronaut by Val Nolan (issue 26)
Melt by Cislyn Smith (issue 26)
The Carnival Was Eaten, All Except the Clown by Caroline M. Yoachim (issue 27)
The Beasts We Want to Be by Sam J. Miller (issue 27)

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