Monday, January 9, 2012

'Tis the Season...for Awards

So we've reached Award time - Nebula, Stoker, Hugo, and others. Here and there, you'll see writers posting lists of their eligible stories. I've been reading, recommending, keeping lists, etc.. This is my first year as a member of SFWA, so I'm excited about voting for the Nebula Award in the various categories, but I'm also terrified I've missed something fantastic that I would have voted for had I read it. I know no one can read everything, but I want to make the most informed votes I can. Of course, the stories that speak to me may not speak to others, but it is what it is.

And here is my obligatory nod to my own work. The story I'm most proud of that saw publication in 2011 is Like Origami in Water which was published by Daily Science Fiction in October. It's dark fantasy so it would be eligible for the Stoker, Nebula, and Hugo.

And to be honest, I'm laughing a little as I type this. It feels awkward in a high school 'vote for me' sort of way. But I've received a lot of positive feedback on the story so to not mention it would feel strange, too. It would be very cool if people deemed it vote-worthy, but if not, I'm not going to fall to pieces in a pile of broken. That would be rather silly, yes?


AnthonyJRapino said...

:-) I've had a whole bunch of HWA e-mails the past couple weeks giving out ebooks and whatnot. I haven't really tried getting votes; I feel like it's a losing battle for me at the moment, being so new. I do have a couple stories with like 1 vote for the Stokers, but it's one of those things that never gets much farther. S'alright with me. :-) Good luck with the awards season!

Damien Walters Grintalis said...

I know what you mean, Tony. I debated on whether or not to even post anything about the awards at all. I didn't want to come across as a crazed vote-monger. Like you, I feel I'm a bit too new to really attract any notice. I'm just happy the feedback I've gotten on 'Like Origami...' so far has been positive.

Andrea Allison said...

For me, sometimes the whole awards season gets a little depressing. It's great to learn about new stories/books I haven't heard of before and some of the ones I have getting their accolades. It's sad I usually don't have anything worthy enough for people to want to vote for. You know. That high school "I feel left out" type of feeling. But its okay. My time will come....hopefully.

Good luck! I hope your story does well. :o)

Damien Walters Grintalis said...

Andrea, just keep writing. That's all any of us can do!