Friday, February 3, 2012

Alien ABCs

This started when I mentioned on Twitter that I'd made alphabet flashcards for a young family member. My friend, @ECthetwit, responded with this: A is for Alien who lives out in space, B is for Buggy when he crawls on your face.

I continued with C through F via Twitter, but decided I needed to do the entire alphabet. I have mentioned my love of Alien before, right? When I finished, I tried tweeting them, but after I tweeted K/L, Twitter decided to eat my tweets. No matter how I posted them, with or without a hash tag, they would not appear.

So, without further ado, here are the Alien/Aliens ABCs, best read aloud in the sing-song voice you'd use with a toddler:

A is for Alien, who lives out in space,
B is for Burke, who is a disgrace.

C is for Crew, they get all eaten up,
D is for Drake, whose guns aren't enough.

E is for Ellen, Ripley's first name,
F is for Facehugger, not easily slain.

G is for Gorman, he is quite a fool,
H is for Hicks, now that dude is cool.

I is for Ignorant, the Company is that,
J is for Jones, he's one lucky cat.

K is for Kane, he has a tummy-ache,
L is for LV-426, a big, big mistake.

M is for Mother, of Nostromo so large,
N is for Newt, let's put her in charge.

O is for Orbit, where we nuke the site,
P is for Pulse-Rifle, good in a fight.

Q is for Queen, who moves very fast,
R is for Robots, like Bishop and Ash.

S is for Space Jockey, he has a strange nose,
T is for Terraforming, and you see how that goes.

U is for Uh-oh, this will not end well,
V is for Vasquez, A grenade? Oh, hell.

W is for Whine, Hudson never shuts up
X is for Xenomorph, need I say tough?

Y is for Yucky, the Alien hive
Z is for Zero, your chance to survive.


AnthonyJRapino said...

Ha, Awesome! My favorite is P is "for Pulse-Rifle, good in a fight." I also like "Z." :-D

Damien Walters Grintalis said...

Thank you, Tony! :D

Puss in Boots said...

P and Q are my favorites. This is awesome! XD

Damien Walters Grintalis said...

Thank you so much, PiB! It was quite a lot of fun to create.

Anonymous said...

Loved reading this. Thanks for posting!

Damien Walters Grintalis said...

Thank you, Anon. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Robin Hodson said...

R is a bit off. They're not robots; some sort of artificial biology instead.