Thursday, December 6, 2012

Seventeen Random Facts About INK

1. A snippet of a scene was inspired by a scene in the movie Young Sherlock Holmes. Hint: In the movie, a figure steps out of a stained-glass window. In the book, a window is involved, though not of the stained glass variety.

2. My villain, Sailor, was inspired by the beginning of the joke A sailor walks into a bar.

3. There is a fictional restaurant in the novel called McAfee's that was named after one of my beta readers.

4. Another restaurant is not mentioned by name, but by description. That restaurant is very well-known in Baltimore and happens to be the spot where my husband proposed to me.

5. Another character's last name was borrowed from yet another beta reader.

6. To accurately describe Sailor's distinctive walk, I practiced walking like him in my living room. More than once. It proved to be more difficult than I thought, but once I got it right, describing it was easy.

7. Sailor also has a distinctive, gravelly voice. The voice of actor Michael Wincott served as the inspiration.

8. Three characters from Ink have made appearances in subsequent novels. Two were unplanned and completely took me by surprised when they showed up.

9. I wrote a full set of lyrics for the song that Sailor hums and sings, and I have a musician friend who may put it to music one day. 

10. There is a Shakespeare Street in Baltimore. To my knowledge, it does not contain a tattoo shop.

11. Jason's last name, Harford, is the name of another street in Baltimore.

12. There is one specific sentence that has appeared in all the novels I've written as well as a short story. Some of the words have been flipped around and the sentence is used to describe different things, but the rhythmic construction remains the same. And yes, the inclusion is intentional. It's a bit of an Easter egg that I call 'the Damien line'.

13. Two of the characters play a game of chess. I do not. Luckily, one of my beta readers pointed out the error of my ways as soon as he read the scene, saving me from much embarrassment later.

14. There is a recurring phrase in the novel: It is what it is. This is also one of my husband's recurring phrases. Truth in fiction and all that.

15. And this one is totally embarrassing: I misspelled one of my beta reader's names in the Acknowledgements page.  Once I realized my error (when it was too late to be changed), I let her know, but can you say ugh? I added a letter where it should not be and while it's not as dreadful as typing a different name altogether, still, it's horrible. I'm so sorry, Jenifer!

16. Many things changed in the editing and revision process, but the very last line remained the same throughout them all.

17. And speaking of that last line, I wrote it after I wrote the first two chapters. I didn't know how I'd get there, but I knew how the story would end.

So there you go. Seventeen random facts. I may put the lyrics up on the blog at some point, and perhaps I'll reveal the Easter egg line in a future interview, but for now? It is what it is.  

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Kelley York said...

I love 16 and 17. It's so interesting to see what the author was able to keep the same from beginning to end!