Monday, July 2, 2012

Fireside Magazine - Update

I've been so busy with the first draft of a new novel, I forgot to come back and mention that the Kickstarter campaign for Fireside Magazine was successful!

The issue will be released sometime next month and it will include my short story, Scarred, along with stories by Jake Kerr, Kat Howard, Stephen Blackmoore and Steve Walker. As a teaser, here is the opening to my story:

Violet carved her hate into her flesh one name at a time.

Her skin was riddled with scars, some barely visible, others dark and ruddy. The oldest, the first name, was on her right ankle, right above the knobby bone. It revealed a halting progress, with many gaps in between the lines and curves.

He suffered for a long time.

I hope you'll check out the magazine when it's released!